We support law firms and businesses with Digital Investigations

Open Source Intelligence and Digital Evidence continue to prove their value in civil investigations.

The evidence we turn-up in our investigations is far more comprehensive than traditional grass-roots investigations. The two types of investigations should be coordinated and well-planned as early as possible.

Some situations where digital investigations are valuable include:

  • Pre-Trial Social Media Investigations
  • E-mail fraud Investigations
  • Hidden Asset Investigations
  • Reconstructing the order of events using multiple resources including: text messages, phone records, browser history and apps activity.
  • Theft or misuse of company resource investigations
  • Uncovering evidence that sheds light on a subject’s knowledge in a breach of contract suit.
  • Uncovering evidence used to impeach or support verbal testimony.

This office provides a no-cost consultation. If we cannot recover your data, there is no cost to you.