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Fastest Onsite Forensic Imaging in the Industry. Same Day Service.

Our forensic imaging services are billed at a flat rate based on the following price schedule:

  • Desktop/Laptop Hard Drive: $550 per drive up to 1TB
  • External storage devices: $450 per drive up to 1TB
  • Smartphones and Tablets: $400 per device
  • Forensic copy of a Social Media or Web-mail account: $350 per account
  • Cloud based and Servers: Please contact us for a quote.

Included with each image is a report of the forensic imaging process. The report validates that the image is an exact physical or logical copy of the original media.
Prices above do not include the external drives used to store the image nor do they include forensic analysis of the image which may be billed on a flat-fee basis or hourly depending on the project.
Please be prepared to provide legal authority to search (e.g. court order, company policy, owner consent, etc.) before requesting a forensic image of any type of media.