Key Social Media Evidence Missed

Court Finds “No Justification” for Defense Counsel’s Failure to Perform Adequate Pre-Trial Social Media Investigation.

How to digitally erase everything when you quit your job

This article illustrates why it is important to conduct pro active forensic imaging of valuable employee digital media long before they leave the job.

Insiders Pose a Serious Threat to Corporate Information

While many businesses have focused on improving their protections against external cyber attacks, far fewer have adequate internal protection in place to guard against malicious actions by their own staff.  

Judge Orders Rare Phone Probe to Find Video of Cops Beating Mentally Ill Man  

A federal judge has initiated an independent — and what may be an unprecedented — investigation of possible tampering with a cell phone that allegedly contained a video of a fatal confrontation between NYPD cops and an emotionally disturbed man

How Child Predator Was Caught by Tiny Clue in Photo He Posted Online

The offender’s fingers are . . . in the picture and incredibly this crack team manages to pull the fingerprints from the image.

How Investigators strategically searched over 2 Terabytes of Data in the Panama Papers leak

The leak included 11.5 million documents all in different formats dating back to 1970. Investigators used a program built by Nuix known as Investigator Lab to search and analyze the documents fast and efficiently.

Cellebrite suspected of being the outside party helping U.S. Government to crack the San Bernardino terrorist’s iPhone.

The FBI has been reportedly using the services of the Israeli-based company Cellebrite in its effort to break the protection on a terrorist’s locked iPhone, according to experts in the field familiar with the case.

Seven criteria for enriching digital evidence

Context is the essential ingredient that is missing from many digital forensic investigations.

Emerging Challenges in Digital Forensic Investigations

Enabling investigations through technology and gathering technological evidence has become more critical today than in the past decade. While a number of software tools for conducting investigations and gathering technology-oriented evidence have emerged, challenges still remain.

My Boss Threatened Me with a Bad Reference if I Leave.


DEA Needed Warrant to Track Suspect’s Pone, Judge Says


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